There is a great value in the lessons that are being taught by the leaders that are coming to us from True to Life.
— Tonya Heard - BISD Prevention Coordinator

Student Services

Equipping students with what they need to succeed NOW is a vital part of investing in their future. When we look into the eyes of our students, we see amazing potential. However, many of them are facing significant barriers (homelessness, fatherlessness, addiction, abuse, and other significant risk factors). We not only want to help them reach graduation, but we want to help them transition into successful adulthood by walking with them beyond a high school diploma. 

Current Services:

Summer Challenge  -  6-week opportunity for high school students to grow their leadership abilities, strengthen their character, prepare for the workplace, and solidify a strong relationship with Christ. Students gain practical work experience through time in TTLM's two stores, while learning what it takes to be a great employee. A dynamic series of classes and workshops teach practical skills such as interviewing, applying for jobs, pursuing post-secondary education, and communicating effectively. Hands-on service projects help drive home the concept that each participant has the opportunity and potential to make a difference.

Belay - The term Belay means to "allow to climb freely" without the fear of falling. That is the message we send to students who join Belay, our student club on the campus of Brazosport High School. They can dream big and climb to reach those dreams, and they can do it knowing that we have their backs. Over 100 students meet weekly to learn about and discuss various leadership and life topics. TTLM facilitates a group-mentoring approach so each student develops a relationship with a healthy adult. T-shirts, field trips, and other special opportunities are earned through participation and attendance. Each club meeting starts with breakfast and includes dynamic, partiicpatory discussions and activities on topics required for long-term success. 

Proud Belay Sponsor

Proud Belay Sponsor