Student Services

There is a great value in the lessons that are being taught by the leaders that are coming to us from True to Life.
— Tonya Heard - BISD Prevention Coordinator

Student Services

Equipping students with what they need to succeed NOW is a vital part of investing in their future. TTLM’s wide range of Student Services not only address tangible needs such as student hunger, but also provide unique opportunities for at-risk students to grow personally and spiritually.

Current Services:

  • Operation Backpack  -  Provides food for the weekend for local homeless and hungry students. DOWNLOAD a shopping list here.
  • Summer Challenge  -  6-week opportunity for high school students to grow their leadership abilities, strengthen their character, and solidify a strong relationship with Christ.
  • Summer Style  -  Community-wide outreach where more than 120 volunteers are sent to 6 strategic neighborhoods, 1 night a week, for 6 weeks. Trained volunteers distribute free sack meals and facilitate a variety of games, activities, and Bible stories for children.
  • Belay - The term Belay means to "allow to climb freely" without the fear of falling. That is the message we send to students who join Belay, our student club on the campus of Brazosport High School. They can dream big and climb to reach those dreams, and they can do it knowing that we have their backs. Over 100 students meet weekly to learn about and discuss various leadership and life topics.
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Belay 2014 - 2015 is sponsored by The Infinity Group.