True To Life Ministries

Agents of Hope

Right NOW, in Brazoria County...

Thousands of our neighbors, like Oscar, are living with the realities of homelessness, unemployment, underemployment, lack of education, lack of resources, and an extreme lack of support. When a family experiences hardship, like job loss, we don’t often think about just how far the effect of that one event can reach.

When Oscar’s dad lost his job, Oscar was left to spend his days feeling unsafe in his environment at school where he was bullied because he wore the same clothes to school day after day. Then he went home where he didn’t feel safe because he never knew what the “lack of the day” would be. Food? Water? Electricity? Shelter, even?

Poverty may be Oscar’s present, but it doesn’t have to be his future.

There IS a solution...

While our community’s crisis-management services meet many immediate needs, True To Life Ministries’ approach is long-term support. We are helping students like Oscar, and adults like his dad, develop the skills and disciplines they need to better their current situation and prepare for the future.

TTLM’s adult mentors, student mentors, student success coaches, and case managers provide “Oscars” with guidance, support, and wisdom for everyday life and decisions. Our employment class prepares them to gain new and better employment. Our budgeting class is teaching them to manage their new income in healthy ways. TTLM Connection provides healthy, weekly community - an essential need that many of the “Oscars” who live in poverty are missing.

The road out of poverty is not quick or easy, and it’s near impossible if you don’t have someone who can show you the way! We want all of the Oscars of our community to know that a life outside of poverty IS POSSIBLE!

We need YOUR help...

The needs of our community can feel overwhelming and can even leave you feeling like nothing you do is enough to influence change.

But could you do something to help Oscar?
What if Oscar was the only one who needed help?
Chances are you would definitely feel like you could make a difference!
Today, we are asking you to just focus on Oscar.

When you become an Agent of Hope, your consistent support allows us to continue to tell Oscar, and others like him, that they matter and that there is hope for their future. It allows us to lead them out of poverty!

We are so close to meeting our goal! Will you help?
$2,608 $3,200