Join us for 5 Days of Prayer!

Every year, the TTLM family dedicates several days to prayer. More than 120 people joined us August 1-5 for 5 Days of Prayer. But we don't want to stop there! Please download our Prayer Guide to continue joining us in prayer for TTLM's work.

How important is prayer to TTLM's staff? It's VITAL. That's like asking "How important is air?" Our work daily drives us to our knees because it's beyond us in every way. The needs are too great; the opportunities are too many. But God is stronger, and more able. When we pray, we tap into His power, His authority, His resources.

Gary Haugen, President of International Justice Mission, said, "By inventing the phenomenon of human prayer, God has decided to allow our asking to make a difference in the world." So when we consider the weighty needs of homelessness, unemployment, abuse, incarceration, loneliness, and complete brokenness, restoration and healing absolutely start with prayer. When we consider the weighty financial and operational needs of making sure TTLM is available for the long-term, provision and sustaining power start with prayer.

Will you join us for 5 Days of Prayer?

  • Gather a few friends, family members, your Sunday school class, or maybe your small group and ask them to commit to 5 Days of Prayer for TTLM.
  • Download the Prayer Guide and share it with your group.
  • Email us to tell us you are praying and we will respond with a special message for your group!
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