FAQ: What are the top barriers among TTLM's adult clients?

People walk through TTLM's doors for many reasons, but the one thing they all share is the need for HOPE.

Top 5 needs among adult clients:

  • Un/Under Employment - Lacking employment all together, or working in a job that doesn't provide a livable wage.
  • Homelessness - Many individuals in our community are finding themselves homeless due to loss of employment, increasing rent costs, or other unforeseen life circumstances.
  • Recent Incarceration - Figuring out how to move forward while still working through the consequences of past decisions can be complex and difficult.
  • Broken Relationships - Abuse, divorce, death, abandonment, and other relationship tragedies often leave people alone and vulnerable. Healthy community and strong connections are vital for long-term success.
  • Spiritual Need - Clients often express spiritual need as one of their top concerns.

While these needs are often unseen in our local community, they are very present. By praying, volunteering, and giving, you help ensure TTLM is available to address these needs.

I came to TTLM looking for a place to start over. I was homeless, didn’t have a job, and just got out of jail. Now I don’t feel like I’m standing out there by myself any more.
— TTLM Client
Meredith KingComment