The Guzmans' Story

Dave and Freda Guzman walked in to TTLM in August of 2014 for a facility tour, and two years later, they’ve become vital members of the TTLM family as monthly donors, budgeting mentors, Employment 101 volunteers, prayer partners, and staff cheerleaders.

“We first learned about TTLM from our pastor - he convinced us to check it out. Before our tour of TTLM, we thought the needs of at-risk students and adults were big-city problems. We quickly learned how wrong we were! The need is huge, and we simply had no idea. We jumped in with weekly volunteer opportunities, and our involvement has grown to include everything from volunteering at events to becoming budget mentors.

Why are you Agents of Hope?

TTLM’s work reminds us how much God loves us and how He is the God of second chances. We’ve seen how both easy and incredibly difficult it can be to make a difference in someone’s life. There are so many who believe there is no hope, but TTLM introduces them to true hope and helps them find a pathway toward true life change. There comes a time when we can no longer just pray and sit back. We need to be the hands and feet of Jesus - to get in the game.

We love to support TTLM with our money and our time because there’s not a more impactful use of our resources. TTLM is changing lives right here in our community through training and support, but more importantly by loving their clients, showing the face of Jesus and leading them to His Kingdom.”

Freda has been in the banking industry for over 28 years, and is currently Vice President Regional Operations Officer at Amegy Bank in Houston. Dave is a controller at an investment firm in Stafford and runs Trinity Bookkeeping Service with Freda. Dave and Freda live in Surfside, Tx.

Would you like to become an Agent of Hope?

There are thousands who are struggling in destructive cycles of poverty, and our hope is that TTLM will always be available for those who need it most. As an Agent of Hope, you join an army of people who are so much more than monthly donors - they are committed to making sure those who need hope find it. When hope comes alive in one person's heart, it not only has the power to transform their live, but generations to come.

Our ambitious, God-sized goal: 100 people committing $100/month before the end of 2016.

Whether you are able to commit $10 or $600, together, we truly can make a difference. Become an Agent of Hope!

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