Madison's Story

TTLM's Executive Director had a chance to sit down with one of our recent Job Training Program graduates. We are excited to share some of that interview with you!


How did you first connect with TTLM?

While attending HOPE classes at the Pregnancy Help Center, I met an energetic young woman from TTLM who taught on best practices for job interviews. She invited me to attend Employment 101, and I did! Employment 101 is TTLM's two-week class focused on helping people find their next job, and though I had a job, it wasn't sustainable. Before I knew it, I started attending TTLM Connection on Thursday nights (a weekly dinner and conversation time focusing on Bible study and other life skills).

Why did you decide to join TTLM's Job Training Program?

Becoming a teen mom brought a lot of challenges, and I didn't have a plan for my future. I did a lot of soul searching and determined this program was what I needed. I realized I had a lot to learn!

How did the Job Training Program impact your life?

There's all the stuff you would expect - I learned a lot about working hard, being a good employee, and I spent a lot of time working with a budgeting mentor learning to manage my money. There were a lot of other classes related to practical skills that were helpful as well. But going to counseling every week was especially meaningful. It really helped me work through some things in my life. Meeting with my case manager and mentor on a regular basis helped me stay on track. The staff at TTLM were willing to have some really hard conversations with me, and while it was really hard at times, I'm forever grateful.

Do you feel your time in the Job Training Program helped your faith grow?

When I started attending Connection on Thursday nights, I really started to grow in my own walk with Christ. I learned to lean on Him and pray through things that were just too difficult to carry. Before, I was extremely self-reliant and it was draining. I learned if I put my trust and faith in HIM, I no longer had to be self-reliant. In fact, I now rely solely on HIM to carry me through.

So give us an update on what's going on in your life now!

Part of the Job Training Program is working hard to earn an internship with an outside business. I earned an internship with Urban Eve - a salon and boutique in downtown Lake Jackson. After I graduated from the Job Training Program in March, I'm proud to say Urban Eve offered me a permanent position as an Administrative Assistant! I now help teach customer service processes to 3 of their other salons.

But that's not all is it?

I recently graduated with my Associate of Arts Degree and am not far from earning my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration! And I'm engaged!

Some of the people reading this have helped support TTLM's work through volunteering or making donations, and some have shopped in Refresh, which helped make your time as a Job Trainee Possible. What would you like to say to them?

I just simply want to say Thank You! Without people like you, the great things this ministry is doing would not be possible. The success stories like mine would never be heard without people like you. Without TTLM's help, my story would have turned out completely differently, not only for me, but for my daughter too.

TTLM's Job Training Program employs young men & women for up to 12 months to help them obtain the skills, education, and support they need to move forward. A typical week for a Job Trainee includes on-site classes focused on practical job and life-skills, working in Refresh (TTLM's social enterprise & living classroom), counseling sessions, case management appointments, mentor meetings, and pursuing off-site education through Brazosport College. As they progress in the program, Job Trainees earn off-site internships with local business partners, which adds diversity and credibility to their resume, and equips them with additional workplace experience.


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