Help those affected by hurricane Harvey.


Harvey has directly impacted most of the Texas Gulf Coast, and recovery will be complex and lengthy. TTLM is located in Brazoria County where historic flooding has devastated thousands of homes and families. The magnitude of this event is causing traditional disaster support resources to be spread thin.

Our county leaders are looking to TTLM to help coordinate long-term recovery efforts, especially for the poor and economically disadvantaged.


    Without help, many students and adults in our community will not have access to the recovery resources they so desperately need.


    90% of TTLM's funding traditionally comes from individuals and local businesses in our local community, but our community is in crisis, so we are asking friends outside our community to step in to support these efforts.


      Your financial support will:

      • Ensure TTLM's programs and services remain uninterrupted for those who need them most.
      • Provide vital specialized case management and training for staff and volunteers to adequately address disaster-related needs and available benefits. 
      • Support the coordination of volunteers for recovery support, one-on-one client assistance, and programming to address on-going community needs.
      • Provide program supplies, meals, bus passes, and additional support for students and adults who are now homeless or who are facing significant barriers to accessing help and support.
      • Provide training and case management support for those who are now homeless or unemployed.

      Images of Brazoria County Flooding