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Help others like Ashley get out of survival mode and start living!

Ashley dropped out of middle-school and has spent every day since working hard to finish her education and provide for her family. When she came to True To Life, she had accomplished a lot, but she was stuck and could not figure out how to get her life moving forward again. She has an associates degree and was working an entry-level nursing position, but she wanted more for her and her kids. Ashley was working a job that did not pay enough, there was no room to grow, and the schedule would not allow her the time to further her education. She wondered where to even begin to take the next step!

True To Life Ministries is cultivating hope in our community by providing students and adults with the practical, spiritual, and emotional support they need to get unstuck - to get out of survival mode and start living!

Employment classes ensure that individuals have a solid, professional resume they are proud to present at interviews and that they know how to successfully seek out and apply for the job they want. We also provide training on the skills they need to rock their interviews!

With case management, mentoring and counseling working alone and in tandem, TTLM also provides the long-term support that individuals need to develop a future success plan, to work the steps, and to stay encouraged to keep going when it gets tough.

Ashley found the answer she needed at True To Life! Our team was able to help her update her resume, and she received the confidence-boosting skills that landed her a better-paying job in her field - one that would allow her to cross train in another position and that had a schedule which would allow her to continue her education.

Today, Ashley is making more money, training for her future job and working towards her master’s degree!

Ashley received the support she needed to get out of survival mode and start living because of the consistent, generous support of our community. People like YOU!

A generous group of donors has agreed to match donations received in December, up to $25,000!

When you donate before midnight on December 31st, the impact of every dollar you give will be doubled! That means that we will be able to provide the support for twice as many of our neighbors as we could with your gift alone. Double your impact today!

Yes! I want to help individuals in our community get out of survival mode and start living!


Thank you donors!

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