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Let me introduce you to Becca, Lauren, and Trinity!

A key element to the effectiveness of TTLM’s work is the community of support we provide. Thanks for being a part of their community by investing the time to get to know them.


Meet Becca! 
One of Becca's goals during the job training program is to further her education and is currently enrolled in college.

She loves Snickers candy bars, watching movies and shopping for home decor items.  She enjoys shopping at Target and watching Netflix in her spare time.


Introducing Lauren!  
While in the job training program, she hopes to grow herself and get closer to her goal of pursuing her education in the field of cosmetology.

Her favorite salty snack is Lays classic potato chips and her favorite pizza is pepperoni.  She loves spending her free time outdoors with friends and loves the beach.


Welcome Trinity!  
She is currently enrolled in college and wants to study photography or music.

She is particularly fond of Oreo Cheesecake shakes from Sonic and her favorite colors are pink and purple. She enjoys shopping for pets or clothes, and is a huge fan of Refresh.


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