Our mission is to cultivate hope and introduce people to true life in Christ

by providing the skills, resources, and community of support that people need to change their lives.



We are a nonprofit organization committed to helping students and adults transition out of poverty and move toward self-sufficiency. Our team includes 18 program leaders, case managers, facilitators, and professionals who link arms with more than 300 volunteers.

Our philosophy about transitioning out of poverty isn’t based on good ideas; it’s backed by research. There are many factors causing adults, students, and families to stay stuck, and one-off touches aren’t enough. Research shows that for people to transition out of poverty, they must grow their resources - and we aren’t just talking about money. Resources are emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical. They include support systems, relationships, and the capacity to plan for the future. Research also shows intervention efforts are minimally effective outside of meaningful relationships. 

In other words, we can pour a lot of time, money, and effort into doing good work and meeting needs, but without relationships and a long-term strategy, much of it goes to waste. 

Three things are proven to be effective when carried out together, so our whole strategy to serve adults and students is built around them.



We connect with individuals through one-on-one conversations and free programs, classes, and other helpful resources. Once you are part of the TTLM family, you are always part of the TTLM family. We are in it for the long-haul. 

While that’s where our work starts, it’s not where it ends.
We’re also helping other front-line agencies through collaboration, partnerships, and training.