"I believe in the work TTLM is doing, and I want to support the work they’re doing for as long as I can." - Gayle

We reached out to present Gayle with the opportunity to become a monthly donor and received a blessing greater than anything we could have hoped for.

While on the call we learned that Gayle is battling cancer, and it's unsure how long she has before going home to heaven. Knowing she may only live a few more months, Gayle decided to make a one-time, large donation instead of a monthly gift. She said, "this way, I know you will get it."

Gayle's response left us stunned as we realized her compassionate heart far outweighed her sickness. We learned a lot from Gayle that day, and her donation is helping us cultivate hope for many in our community.

If you share Gayle's heart for others and would like to partner with TTLM, please call us or click an option below:

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