Growing up, Timothy’s family came from “the wrong side of the tracks” and struggled for everything they had.

When Timothy was young, he found community in a group that was anything but healthy. Often left to fend for himself, Timothy was welcomed into a gang and introduced to a life of violence, drugs, alcohol and crime.

Timothy was heavily involved with gangs well into his 20s, until finally, after a long period of incarceration, he began to hunger for change.

He had his own family now and his primary concern…and challenge…became keeping them protected and safe. Timothy withdrew from the gangs and began looking for legitimate work. He landed a job in a local refinery where he remained employed for more than ten years.

One day, Timothy’s hunger grew stronger, and he began to desire something different, something that involved helping people, something that gave his life purpose.

He wasn’t completely sure what that was and decided to start by going back to school where he earned two associates degrees.

Afterwards, Timothy narrowed the focus on his future and decided to become a nurse. He joined the nursing program, and as part of the program curriculum, Timothy attended TTLM’s employment classes where he learned valuable skills for finding and keeping a job.

Before attending classes, Timothy met with a TTLM case manager to review his goals and ensure that he had the proper support to achieve them.

It became clear that Timothy lived life behind massive walls that he had erected, and he would need to feel safe in order to break free. It was a slow process, but eventually, a tiny crack formed, and the walls surrounding Timothy’s heart began to crumble. This appointment was a turning point in Timothy’s beautiful story of life-change.

He shared about his battle with fear, his inability to trust people and his low self-acceptance. His case manager shared the Gospel with Timothy, encouraged him and prayed with him.

The next day, Timothy shared, ”I got into my car and cried. When you prayed for me, it was like someone's hand was resting upon my shoulder." 

His case manager affirmed him, saying, "That was the moving of the Holy Spirit. God is always with you; He will never leave you or forsake you.”

Timothy classifies himself as a Christian, but admittedly, his walk with God has been very shallow and lacked substance.

During his time working with our team, he shared how being exposed to sickness, disease and death in the nursing program brought him face-to-face with the realization that life is fragile, that he’s beginning to believe there really is “something bigger” out there, and he’s giving more thought to what‘s beyond this life. Timothy has a lot of questions and we are so glad that God is using us to provide answers and a safe place for him to grow.

Timothy recently graduated from the nursing program having already received a job offer at a regional hospital nearby. Of course, he accepted the position, and now he’s taking control of his future! He’s beginning to feel like his life has purpose and that he’s better equipped to take care of his family.

Timothy experienced a huge amount of life-change through TTLM’s classes and one-on-one assistance. His confidence increased, his face softened, and he began to smile more.

Now, he speaks with such boldness and courage that his countenance and body language are totally different. Timothy is a completely different person!

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