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We met Jennifer when she was a junior in high school, struggling to find joy in life and often feeling overwhelmed by the pressures and concerns of growing up in poverty. However, life as she knew it changed when she decided to attend Belay.

“The TTLM leaders and adult mentors at Belay provided me with a safe place to engage with healthy adult influences about issues which I was facing. It wasn’t long before I was coming out of my shell, growing in confidence and establishing healthy relationships with other students who were seeking the same support and stability that I longed for.” - Jennifer

The following summer, Jennifer participated in Summer Challenge, TTLM's junior-job-training program, where she was able to dedicate six weeks to nurturing these new relationships and focusing on her personal development. At Summer Challenge, Jennifer learned valuable skills including how to find a job, how to keep a job, keys to making a great first impression and tips on creating a professional resume. The group also focused on life-skills such as doing laundry, preparing and maintaining a budget, and conflict resolution - lessons that would prepare them for life after high school.

“While I needed the skills taught through Belay and Summer Challenge, most importantly I found a family. This community of support gave me the courage to open up and begin to trust people. My life is still being enriched by those relationships today!” - Jennifer

Jennifer attended Belay for two years and participated in Summer Challenge twice before going off to college where she received a bachelor's degree. When she returned home, Jennifer began looking for work and searching for ways to give back to the community that helped her grow up. She contacted True To Life Ministries and signed up to become a student mentor with Belay as well as a transportation volunteer to get students to and from TTLM for Summer Challenge. However, she still wanted to do more.

“When I landed my first job, I immediately signed up to became an Agent of Hope. I wanted to partner with TTLM on a monthly basis as they come alongside their clients to support them on the long, slow and sometimes challenging journey out of poverty.” - Jennifer

Jennifer recalled how that same support made a world of difference in her life ~ the hope that she experienced from those who believed she was capable of accomplishing great things and the way they continuously encouraged her to keep going.

“Now that I’ve entered adulthood, I want to be on the giving end of hope. As an Agent of Hope, I want to provide the next generation of young people with the same safety, hope and support that I had while transitioning from a teenager to an adult. I want to do my part to make sure that TTLM's programs and services are available for those who are shy and need help trusting people...those who are capable of more than they realize and need someone to speak life over them...those who need a family.” - Jennifer

We invite you to join Jennifer and other TTLM Agents of Hope in partnering with us monthly to ensure that our programs and services will be available for years to come!

Yes! I want others to have the skills, resources and community of support they need for lasting life-change!